Take a look at all the ways Cronboard can support your business

Detailed Control over Scheduled Tasks

  • Exact match for your use case We can auto-detect and track your existing schedule or you can define it in full using Cronboard.
  • Powerful task management You can alter schedules, start/stop tasks or define new ones in just a few clicks, all that from a live dashboard.
  • Everything is familiar Cronboard supports all scheduling options available in Laravel, so you'll feel right at home.
  • Run anything, anytime Any command, job or invokable piece of code is available for immediate scheduling, no deployments necessary.

Video: How to toggle and run scheduled tasks quickly and efficiently

Extensive Task Configuration

  • Adjust scheduler parameters Need to run a job on a different queue or pass command parameters - no problem!
  • Scheduled task parameters Full control over how your commands and jobs are instantiated and ran.
  • Custom task context You can adjust your Laravel app's configuration right from the dashboard.

Video: How to customize task execution parameters

Insights & Monitoring

  • Monitor task executions Cronboard shows a list of past and expected future executions of your tasks.
  • Task usage metrics See how long your tasks take or how much memory they consume.
  • Custom metrics available Log any piece of information and it will appear with the execution details.
  • We answer the important questions! When and if tasks run, but also - are there any issues you should know about.
  • Alerts in case of problems Cronboard will alert you if a task fails, does not check in, or shows signs of problems.

Video: What reports and metrics are recorded for each task execution

The Ideal Testing Companion

  • Control over task environment Ability to adjust configuration settings or environment variables.
  • Need to test a mailable? You can override e-mail configuration completely, per task instance.
  • Run code outside of schedule Any task can be ran manually, without having to define a schedule for it.

Video: How to test tasks in any environment

Quick & Easy to Install and Integrate

  • Get going in less than a minute! The complete setup can take only a minute, with no need to configure anything afterwards.
  • Schedule imported automagically! If you already have a schedule set up it will be available in the live dashboard.
  • Detailed access controls You have complete control over what tasks or commands are visible to Cronboard.
Login to your account at Cronboard or sign up for early access.
Install our package into your project using Composer.
Run installation command to link Cronboard with you project.

Robust and Self-Contained

  • An invisible helper Cronboard is designed not to interfere with your codebase and existing scheduled tasks.
  • Graceful fallbacks Your schedule will run uninterrupted even in the case of connectivity issues.